Work package 3

Harmonization and application of pedagogical and technological Curriculum improvement methodologies

Lead by Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) and Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) 

Work package aims:

  • to present pedagogical and technological methodologies to project Partners
  • to harmonize methodologies with the project scope and SWOT analysis results
  • To train teachers and trainers to use methodologies to improve and revive existing VET Curriculum

Description of activities:

VMU and ZSI presented the methodologies during the Kick-off meeting, as well as at the project website. Both methodology presenting institutions harmonized methodologies with the project scope, context and SWOT analysis results, and prepared for training session.
Training on how to use methodologies and apply them to revive existing VET curriculum was started with face – to face meeting and training session in Budapest, and it was continued using other ICT tools: social collaboration online tools, video conferences, podcasting and other tools. Both, VMU and ZSI provide online consultations.

Description of outputs: