Dissemination events

- LLL program contact seminar "Tools for Transparency within Vocational and Educational Training in Europe" in Sigtuna, Sweden, November 19-21, 2008
- international conference Kaunas, Lithuania "Adult learning and distance education quality" (publication in conference proceedings, special session and presentations), November 25-26, 2008
- national conference organized by Lithuanian Virtual University program (booklet, conference proceedings from previous conference dissemination, presentation)
- European Quality Foundation for eLearning Annual member meeting in Berlin, December 2, 2008 (publication presentation, booklet, project information)
- "Towards the virtual science and education". Meeting in Lithuania December 19, 2008
- Nordplus Horizontal program project "Nordlet" partner meeting (international event, presentation), on January 14-15, 2009
 - LLL Program and European Commission EACEA training seminar in Warshaw, January 22nd, 2009
 - EADTU and ICDE international conference in Maastricht, Netherlands (publication, presentation, booklet dissemination), June 7-10, 2009. Direct link to publication.
- EDEN annual international conference in Gdansk, Poland, June 10-13, 2009 (booklet distribution and project information)
- Revive presented in international conference
- Revive publication Application Analysis of Online Learing Skills and Knowledge Evaluation Model" prepared by G.Gedviliene, M.Tereseviciene and A.Volungeviciene was presented in the 5th International Scientific Conference "Theory for Practice in the Education of Contemporary Society" in Riga, Latvia, on March 25-27, 2010.
- Revive presented during TeaCamp project partner meeting in Aveiro, Portugal, on May 12, 2010.
 - Revive curriculum redevelopment harmonized methodology presented for BOVA project partners at Lithuanian University of Agriculture in Kaunas, on April 28, 2010. Booklets and methodology explanation provided via Revive project website.
- Revive project is presented in the international conference organized by Vytautas Magnus University, LieDM association, and BALDIC project conference "BALTIC - NORDIC Flexible Learning and Tools" on April 12-13, 2010. Revive session for national audience on April 13, 2010. More information on the event can be found in conference blog at
- Revive project presented during Lithuanian Labour Market Training authority seminar organized in Palanga, on May 17-18, 2010.
- Lithuanian Virtual University program Steering Committee meeting, at Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science. May 24, 2010. Revive presented as a tool for quality assurance strategic priority that needs to be included in Lithuanian Virtual University program strategic priorities.
Three LLP projects - SEVAQ+ (KA4), HEXTLEARN (KA3) and REVIVE (LdV - ToI) - have joined forces in the form of The SHARE workshop: 3 takes on quality assessment for ICT-supported teaching and learning, hich will take place at the 6th EDEN research workshop in Budapest on Tuesday October 26th.

We are all really excited at this opportunity to compare and confront our approaches in public and have designed the workshop in such a way as to draw out scenarios for potential synergies. We will obviously keep you posted on whatever developments emerge from this.
- A very successful Revive workshop organized at EDEN annual conference in Valencia, 2010. Related information and podcasts are availble at EDEN conference blog at
Project partners participate in international conference in Kaunas „Adult learning: distance education quality” (as an additional day to Kick-off meeting). Gathering knowledge and research findings in distance learning/ teaching curriculum development.

  • Project video conference – Exchange seminar for course authors. Teachers in Partner institutions participating via distance.
  • Project national seminars for teachers and trainers in Partner countries
  • A workshop in EDEN annual conference, papers in international proceedings
  • Project final workshop in Slovakia.

Revive project already has been presented and disseminated in the following events:
- Valorization of Revive: application of project results in practice
Lithuanian national seminar in Druskininkai, October 1-2, 2010 (in Lithuanian).

- The SHARE workshop: 3 Takes on Quality Assessment for ICT-Supported Teaching and Learning Hungar, October 26, 2010.
- Paper Reviving technology enhanced learning activity in the context of distance learning curriculum quality assessment dimensions in the international conference S3T, Sofia, Bulgaria, September 11-12, 2009
- 2009 ECTEL conference. The paper “The MUPPLE Competence Continuum
-Presentation and dissemination of leaflets at the annual e-learning conference in Poland: Rowoj e-Edukacji w Ekonomicznym Szkolnictwie Wyzszym November 19, 2009

-Report: REVIVE workshop in Budapest. 8-9 March 2009. Documentation. The document was disseminated to a wider e-learning community through several websites/blogs/e-learning communities, e.g. ZSI blog
-Dissemination of the REVIVE workshop at EDEN conference to a large community of researchers and practitioners in TEL: CLOUDWORKS (96 views were registered)
-Dissemination of REVIVE events via ZSI Technology&Knowledge website&blog
- Dissemination of project flyers at JTEL Summer School in Ohrid, Macedonia, June 2010
- Dissemniation of REVIVE project flyers at e-Learning conference in Eisenstadt December 9-11, 2010
- Dissemination of REVIVE project flyers among members of ECDL Quality Assurance Initiative in Austria (10 persons)
-Dissemination of project results nationally (in German language) via: Newsletter e-teaching Austria (reaches over 3500 teachers in Austria) and e-teaching Austria. Website: (10.000 views daily)
- Eden Valencia conference
- ICETA conference, Slovakia – presentation of the project results. The conference was held in Slovakia and there were participants from 11 countries. The conference programme collected contributions on theoretical, practical and methodological aspects of using ICT in education. This year, special attention was paid to the on-going reform of the Educational System in Slovakia and to national educational projects. Number of conference participants: approx. 80. October 27-29, 2010
- Ľubomír Marko, Katarína Žáková and Mikuláš Huba: ONLINE REVIVING OF THE COURSE “INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS”. Reviving e-learning course on university pre-entry math (Introduction to engineering mathematics)
- Marko, Ľubomír - Sovišová, Danica - Žáková, Katarína - Huba, Mikuláš: Reviving E-learning Course on University Pre-entry Math. In: Virtual University 2009 : 10th International Conference, ISBN 978-80-89316-11-3. Bratislava, Slovak Republic, December 10-11, 2009
- Huba, Mikuláš: Podmieniky kvality v e-vzdelávaní. In: Sborník příspěvků z konference a soutěže eLearning; ISBN 978-80-7041-143-8. - CD-Rom. Hradec Králové Gaudeamus November 11-13 2008
- Huba, M.: Podpora e-learningu na FEI STU v Bratislave. In: Inovačný proces v e-learningu : Recenzovaný zborník príspevkov z medzinárodnej konferencie. Ekonomická univerzita. November 3, 2009
- Marko, Ľubomír - Sovišová, Danica: Twelve Years of Pre-Entry Courses from Mathematics. In: Virtual University 2008 : 9th International Conference. ISBN 978-80-89316-10-6.
- Marko, Ľubomír - Sovišová, Danica: Twelve Years of Pre-Entry Courses from Mathematics. In: Virtual University 2008 : 9th International Conference. ISBN 978-80-89316-10-6. Debember 11-12 2008
- Video material in Slovak language as a contribution to publicity of the new run of the course “Mathematics for secondary schools”. It is informative video about the course – combining explanatory information about the course with interviews of earlier students of the course illustrating its main features and advantages. Video is available on the web page. And it was also distributed on CD to secondary schools in (approx. 280-290).
- How to work and to learn in knowledge society