Internal evaluation

Work package 6 - Quality assurance

Lead by EDEN

Work package aims:

  • to ensure European quality reference for project management and project results
  • to monitor project products’ quality and improve it after evaluations on the basis of recommendations and quality indicators
  • to contribute to European quality assurance dialogue by adding quality factors and indicators on the level of VET Curriculum and VET institution

Description of activities:

  • to prepare project quality assurance handbook and guidelines
  • to monitor project quality by intermediate quality assurance events
  • to improve re-developed VET curriculum according to testing evaluation results
  • to perform constant project internal quality evaluation
  • to prepare success stories and case presentations for online publication, highlighting quality factors and quality indicators in re-developed curriculum and influence of transferred methodologies
  • apply to organize a workshop at international annual EDEN conference

Description of outputs:

Internal quality indicators will be based on:

  • project management issues
  • timely intermediate and final products
  • Partnership meetings and communication
  • Product quality and improvement issues
  • Meeting the target group needs
  • Valorization and sustainability schemes and future plans