The European Ministers of VET set out a policy agenda for quality assurance (QA) in VET within the process of Promotion of Enhanced European Co-operation in VET  “Promoting co-operation in quality assurance with particular focus on exchange of models and methods, as well as common criteria and principles for quality in vocational education and training”. Technical working group developed a Common Quality Assurance Framework (CQAF). After the reporting, the European Council conclusions on future priorities for enhanced European Cooperation in VET agrees that priority at European level should be “‘to consolidating priorities of the Copenhagen process and facilitating the implementation of concrete results ”.
REVIVE project seeks to contribute to European cooperation in QA focusing on defining QA factors in VET services. The project addresses exchanging experience in methodology application addressed to ensure quality of VET curriculum at institutional, national and European levels. REVIVE project will aim at applicability of the CQAF at all levels, as national QA actions cannot be properly ensured without local institutional, as well as institutional – international cooperation and agreement on quality requirements and procedures.
Quality indicators will be measured during and at/ in:

  • SWOT analysis results – recommendations that will clearly list indicators for curriculum improvement
  • Questionnaires for learners and experts for re-developed curriculum evaluation. Evaluation results will monitor the progress and will reveal indicators if expected outcomes are reached.
  • Project progress monitoring and constant quality evaluation procedure will describe additional indicators in the project run.
  • External auditing for project results and project implementation will provide evaluation results.
  • Recommendations for curriculum improvement that will be derived after testing sessions will double loop curriculum QA.