Pedagogical methodology for reviewing and reviving existing Curriculum. This methodology was developed by a group of researchers and was used in Lithuania on the national level since 2005. Its efficiency was evaluated during an experimental research in 2006-2007 and it was proved efficient methodology for distance learning curriculum developers to evaluate the maximum number of QA factors.  
Here are the main didactic approaches of methodology:

  • provides systematic approach to curriculum QA
  • Applicable to VET systems and providers
  • Context independent
  • Focus on internal consistency of competences and learning outcomes
  • improving the matching between training supply and needs
  • promoting better access to lifelong learning
  • Promote a culture of quality improvement and accountability at all levels
  • Addressing education policies in the area of competence – based approach

Among limitations of this methodology subject-author decision should be mentioned, as methodology is not prescriptive, but descriptive, asking curriculum authors to accept decision.
Methodology was applied to Curriculum redeveloping, and later the redeveloped Curriculum was evaluated by
a) learners,
b) external experts,
c) internally – by project partners responsible for QA.           
 The results of the evaluation are within internal project partner area under WP6.
Here is the presentation of methodology online at
 Presentation of pedagogical didactical methodology at Kick-off meeting by Airina Volungevičienė, VDU