Two innovative solutions are transferred in this project. Transfer of two methodologies that help to improve curriculum and revive it are the tools to implement QA policy, as these methodologies contribute to building effectiveness, transparency and mutual trust in VET systems, within and across countries. Partner institutions use the same tools fully consistent with the CQAF strategic goals. The “context independent” feature is fully maintained, as methodologies are applied to very different subject-based curriculum which was selected and revived at Partner institutions. Methodologies fully correspond to EQAF phases: planning, implementation, evaluation and assessment, and review.

The methodologies for reviewing and updating existing VET curriculum in REVIVE project ensure horizontal and vertical  QA dimensions, from didactical and strategical – political point of view: from the point of didactics, quality is ensured on all levels, including different learning activities, from pedagogical and technological realization point of views.
Project workplan ensured a very consistent approach to quality assurance methodological issues: quality guidelines were addressed in the very beginning for SWOT analysis, following by harmonization of methodologies to project scope and SWOT results, later on – re-developing curriculum with assessment of quality factors, and then – performing of testing and evaluation – again – initiating quality improvement procedure. 
Methodologies have been transferred from VMU and ZSI and harmonized to REVIVE project scope, highlighting quality assurance factors that needed to be addressed in reviewing and reviving VET Curriculum, as well as quality indicators in VET curriculum.