Piloting and evaluation (WP5)

Revived Curriculum testing and evaluation 

Lead by Chamber of Castellon, ES

Work package aims:

  • to test and evaluate updated Curriculum
  • to receive learners’ and experts’ evaluation
  • to formulate recommendations for its further improvement

Description of activities:

  • Preparation for testing sessions – partner meeting in Castellon. Developing questionnaires for course participants for improved Curriculum evaluation.
  • Registration and administration of learners at Partner institutions
  • Piloting improved activities and topics
  • Accumulation of learner evaluation questionnaires and summarizing testing results, formulating improvement recommendations
  • Expert evaluation and producing recommendations for improvement
    • Theory and methodology of learning in groups (for registered users only)
    • How to work and learn in knowledge society (for registered users only)
    • Course development - Learning design (for registered users only)
    • Adult education in museums (for registered users only)
    • Introduction to Engineering Mathematics (for registered users only)

Description of outputs:

  • student and expert evaluations
  • recommendations for improvement

Certificate for printing: